Why Techary?

We help businesses invest in their future.

We swim against a very strong current in the MSP world—there’s no doubt it’s a saturated market. However, we believe the traditional IT service model is broken, falling flat when it comes to positioning businesses for long-term growth.

And that’s where we’re different.

Instead, we help our customers invest in their future, doing so through what we believe is a different approach to IT services and support.

We approach everything we do with one question in mind. How can we really make a difference for our customers?

For us, it’s not enough that our end-users are working effectively, or we’ve completed a successful project—that’s only part of our role. Instead, we make every effort to look forward, discovering and implementing new solutions that make a real and lasting impact on our clients’ business.

We stay true to our values

Customer Empowerment

You’re great at what you do, and we believe we’re great at what we do. We work with you to empower your workforce, drive efficiency and ensure that you’re digitally enabled.


We take the lead in helping our customers drive change for good, providing first-class support and ultimately paving the way to technological success.


We don't stand still. Technology is evolving at pace, and our view is that the MSPs, VARs and others are not keeping up with this level of change

Best of thinkers

True to our name, we think through problems collaboratively, with the knowledge that working smarter gives our customers a competitive advantage.

What do our customers say about us?