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About Us

We redefine the way technology is procured, implemented and supported.

10years’ of addiction to customer success

We’ve been helping clients transform their business through technology for 10 years, with 100% customer retention.

Why Techary?
In a world where businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on their technology to perform and constantly achieve more, the industry just isn’t keeping pace. The traditional MSP/VAR model is broken, falling flat when addressing the needs of their customers and failing to position them for long-term growth. Our aim is to help our customers move with the times, doing so through what we believe is a different approach in our market: investing in our clients and their future.
Our Mission
We are constantly innovating, never standing still. For us, it’s not enough that our users are working effectively, we believe that’s only part of our role. Instead we make every effort to look forward, implementing and discovering new solutions that make a real difference.
but how are we different?

Innovation helps us to implement and support the latest technology to our customers.

A new way of delivering IT support

As technology continues to develop at an unprecedented pace, we’re constantly developing and implementing new ways to enhance our offering.

We don’t believe in standing still, using our experience we’re looking at how we can build new solutions that ultimately improve our customer experience.

As such, our integrated support offering uses direct integrations with Teams and Slack to enable seamless integration with support teams and end-users.

Techary Teams Chat example

Identify an issue, build a solution

IT and Technology present a business function that often presents stakeholders with similar issues. The solution is a multi-layered environment, with multiple segregated components, vendors and providers engaged. 

Aligning the technology to business outcome. Many providers focus on providing “BAU” support and don’t work with, or challenge, customers to build and support complex technology that helps to deliver on high-level, business wide issues, like:

  • How do we improve our security posture?
  • How do we enable our staff to be more productive?
  • How do we improve our customer experience?

With all the components required to deliver an effective IT operation, we’ve create an end-to-end solution. Orbit is everything you need to adopt a full IT environment, “the full stack” from day one.

Our goal is to continue to develop proprietary products that compliment our global reach and expansive service offering to give our customers a centralized approach to IT delivery. 

At Techary there are some key topics we embed into everything we do.

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Given the importance of our work to our global customers, we consider security as one of the essential components in anything we do.
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We believe that technology should have a positive impact on our planet and adopt a socially responsible to help us deliver on that belief.
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Together we work with our partners to deliver a complete solution to our customers. These include vendor, and strategic, partnerships.