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A true IT partnership.

Experiencing unmet SLAs or bad service from your IT provider? Or perhaps you’re growing your business and you need more than your current IT provider can offer. For whatever reason, they’re just not cutting it.

At Techary, we believe in tailoring our service around you and your business. There is no one-size fits all solution. This means that we can offer as little or as much support as possible, but will always be on hand and supply first-class service, whatever we do.

We are known for going above and beyond to meet our clients’ requirements, whatever they may be, which is why we’ve had 100% customer retention over the past 10 years we’ve been in business.

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Common problems we help overcome:

Demystifying the complexities of IT
IT is complex, it requires constant upgrading and innovating in order to work at its optimum. But many support providers often struggle to translate this into relatable context, which can overwhelm customers.

Our aim is to help our clients understand what they need without having to learn a new language. We assign a dedicated Technical Lead to each customer, who works alongside our account management team to develop a technical roadmap, involving the client at every stage. This personalised service provides oversight, direct responsibility and a direct point of contact.
Delivering global support, not just a remote service desk
Many MSPs and VARs support users across the globe through their service desk operations, but can they handle your entire stack, in any region, whilst remaining flexible?

Our global presence enables us to not only provide remote support, but also to deliver people on-the-ground for projects and procure equipment within region - because unlike others, we operate directly from global hubs. Our support teams operate 24/7/365 and are backed by onsite resource pools in over 20 countries.

Techary always provides a single point of contact and escalation, regardless of location or size.
Forward-thinking, mission-orientated
We’re motivated to think differently, innovate and redefine the way technology is supported.

We believe that support for technology needs to keep pace with the technology itself, so we’re building the future of IT support where automation, integration and AI will each play a vital role.

Take a simple process such as employee onboarding for example. We’ve created a portal that allows you to onboard a new user in a few easy steps. You input the details, we create the account, assign the permissions and add to global address lists, reducing the slight pain of adding a new hire and allowing you to focus on other tasks.
Simplified commercials
Do you know what you pay your support provider for? Do you know the cost per head for support and IT?

If not, you should consider why not. A lot of customers don’t understand what they’re getting from a support service, so we’ve completely redesigned our service offerings with this is mind.

When you partner with Techary, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. You could simply just pay for support per user or per device - that’s nothing new. But you’ll often find that providers will charge for elements outside of that model, i.e backup, security tools, licenses - which can get confusing. That’s why we designed Orbit, your complete IT service delivered under one per user or per device model.


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