Managed IT

Managed IT

IT that works. We provide 24/7/365 global support where technology matters.

Traditionally, businesses have relied on reactive technical support that works to tackle issues as they arise, but this isn’t sustainable or efficient. As technology is evolving faster than ever, we believe the way it’s supported should evolve with it.

In the modern workforce, reliance on technology is forever-increasing as it continues to power more of what we do every day, which mean’s today’s user demands more.

At Techary we are constantly innovating, from our solutions to the ways in which we support our customers.

We work closely with you to design, implement and support your technology (and ultimately your wider business), creating an integral working partnership.

We take key business tasks, automate them, and design better ways of working.

Take onboarding a new starter for example, it can involve purchasing and building a new device, setting a start date and ensuring groups and permissions are aligned. Instead of having to submit a number of tickets, our portal handles all of these requests in one place. It gives you instant visibility into your requests which you can track in real-time, creating a seamless onboarding process, so when an employee starts, they’re up and running with no downtime, and a great perception of IT.


Driving innovation in IT Support.

We believe that even with rapid acceleration of technology development in recent years, Managed Services Providers have not innovated at the same pace. Delivering support using tooling that is clunky, and does not work effectively to solve remediate end-user issues. We’re constantly innovating our support stack, delivering new features and developments, within a modern UI with proprietary tooling, software and processes.

Managed IT

Bridging the technical gap: we remove the acronyms and deliver the outcome.

At Techary, each customer is appointed a dedicated technical lead, who sits between our internal technical teams and our account managers. Together, we develop and implement a roadmap to provide you with the resources you need to achieve.

Understanding the Stack

Networking, security, endpoints, private and public cloud, applications, back-up  -there are lots of complex elements that make up your organisation’s “IT”. Whether it’s supporting a specific component of the stack or trying to streamline and review the whole operation – we help you navigate through all these elements to provide a clear and concise view of what you need.

Providing best-in-class support

Mission-critical workloads

Our customers are diverse and require different levels of support depending on the environment they work in. In financial services for example, latency and uptime are everything. Our solutions are always built to the specific customer requirement.

Security, throughout.

Security is the lifeblood of what we do and how we support our customers across the world. We adopt a “Think Secure” mindset in everything we do. Given the critical support we provide to our clients, we encourage and work with our customers to implement the latest security frameworks and structures. Read more about our approach to InfoSec on our blog.

Leading support

We want every user to have a great support experience. We have clear methods of escalation, adopt best practices (that we continually review) and strive to achieve first-time fixes where possible. We’ve also launched a new integration with Teams in order to improve user interaction with our support desk.

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