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Technology you can rely on.

As a facilities manager, your job is to ensure that your company is operating at its optimum. Technology usually plays a huge part in that, but may not be your forte. You need an IT provider that can not only make your life easier, but give you the best outcome for your investment.

We’re here to do just that. Working with your business in whatever capacity you require, whether it’s procurement of devices, ongoing managed IT services or moving your equipment from A to B, we take the IT aspect directly out of your hands – after all, it’s what we specialize in.

We have your best technology interests at heart. Our overarching priority is to help clients make the best use of their IT, whether it’s maximising the use of technology they’re using, or making impartial, non-biased suggestions for improvements to their estate.

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Working together

If you work in facilities, it’s likely that you’ll be required to co-ordinate a project that involves technology, either for a one-off project or as part of BAU.

So where do you start?

You might turn to your internal IT team (if you have one) who may be able to help with what you require, but often facilities-driven projects benefit from a collaborative approach, involving a provider such as Techary.

We act as the interface between internal teams, providing the experience that helps ensure your projects are successful.


We provide resource where internal teams are falling short


We provide expertise where it's required for projects to run seamlessly


We offer a helping hand when the project falls outside the scope of internal capabilities

Ways we can help

There is no job too big or small. From fitting out your first office with IT infrastructure best suited to your business, through to helping global customers open new office locations in new regions within a number of weeks – we’ve delivered thousands of projects in over 35 countries.

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Techary’s projects team was born over eight years ago, due to an increasing requirement for critical relocation projects by our financial services customers.

Our clients now rely on us to relocate complex user set-ups that often involve multiple workstations, user specific configurations and require verification and testing post completion.

Whether you’re dealing with a one-time project such as installing a batch of new monitors, or you operate a weekly out-of-hours internal moves and changes program, our specialist team is on-hand to see your project through.

See our dedicated projects page for more information.

Just acquired a new space? There are lots of things to consider when completing an office build-out project. Is the technology compatible with the desking? Is there a new method of mounting monitor screens? Small details make the difference when planning for new office projects, however internal teams often overlook the technology aspect of office build-outs as they’re too busy worrying about aesthetics, only then to find problems on go-live.

With nearly 20 years’ combined experience, our projects team have seen it all. Working with a technology provider will ensure the IT aspect of your office build-out is handled properly with no issues.

Office relocations are full of risk, unexpected challenges and something you hopefully don’t do too often, which means as a facilities professional, you’re probably not an expert on the subject. Nevertheless, your technology, both desktop and system infrastructure, is a critical component of your project and you require a smooth relocation between your existing and new space.

Techary partner with leading relocation providers across the world to handle the technology element of office relocations.

Our reputation doesn’t just come from delivering countless successful relocations. We take the time to audit, plan, engage internal teams and pay attention to small details. You’ll find our engineers attend with velcro to cable manage desktop cables (no zip ties here) with the intention of making sure your space is immaculate on day one.

From specialist vehicles, to foam-lined flight cases for critical infrastructure, we have everything to ensure your relocation is de-risked and successful.

Is onboarding and offboarding a workplace or facilities task?

There’s often an overlap when it comes to handling employee requirements such as organising home user equipment, or co-ordination of on/offboarding.

Our Lifecycle function supports teams who struggle with delivering a fast, effective and co-ordinated approach to asset management. We deal with everything from reverse logistics to new hires in global regions.

With workplaces adopting new ways of working and organizing their office environments, there’s an increasing focus on the “standardization” of the desk space. Hot-desking and other methods of agile working are becoming more common in the workplace, so how do you ensure your desktop IT infrastructure can support these new ways of working?

We help customers standardize their workspace by fitting peripherals and multiple connections to workplace devices, focusing on presentation to ensure user experience is the same for every employee, regardless of which desk they are using.

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