We have an internal IT team

An extension of your IT team.

Looking for some extra hands in your IT department? Maybe you’re undergoing a project and need some additional resource. Or maybe you’re just looking for a different perspective. Whatever the reason, Techary are here to help.

When it comes to major technical projects, most IT leads find themselves in the same position – they only have the resource to deal with BAU tasks and are lacking in bandwidth to support the constant project lifecycle demanded by a modern enterprise. This is where come in.

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You know your organization best, offload the low-level tasks.

Undoubtedly you’ll have experienced team members who have a working knowledge of your organization and could add real value to strategic internal projects, yet their efforts are focused on BAU.

Businesses should aim to work work smarter, not harder.

Instead of internal teams having to spend the majority of their time performing simple tasks such as onboarding/offboarding devices or performing password resets for the 6th time in as many weeks, consider offloading lower-level tasks to a third party provider, like Techary. Our dedicated support service allows you to work more effectively without compromising internal ownership of your organization’s IT. We can also deploy on-site resource to compliment your internal team if that works better for you.

This also works in reverse. Perhaps your IT department prefer to focus on the low-level items and instead require assistance with the heavy lifting. If so, you might benefit from other services such as security as a service or network support to alleviate the pressure off of having to manage complex and critical infrastructure internally.

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Reduce risk by working with a trusted partner.

Sometimes, you just need to leverage external support. Whether it’s for a one-off migration project or an office relocation, at some point you’ll probably require assistance, even if you have the biggest internal IT department in the world.

You might even find that you come across a technical issue that requires expertise you don’t have internally. From low-latency network infrastructure engineers through to Microsoft cloud specialists, Techary can provide expertise where you need it.

We often work with internal teams on the following projects:

  • Install, Move and Change
  • Data Centre
  • System Migrations
  • Project & Move Management

Scale effectively.

Your team is perfect for the size of the business, your processes are working efficiently and your documentation is second-to-none. For those who have managed their support and infrastructure internally, there’s a huge sense of pride and you probably don’t want to give up ownership, especially if you’ve been involved in building the solutions that have had a positive impact on your organization.

However, now the organization is growing/has a specific need to support some technology that your internal team wasn’t prepared for. Can your team scale and pivot to support the ever growing demands of the business?

Examples of cases where we work with internal teams:

  • The organization is high-growth and now requires 24/7 support
  • You need to support an office in a region where you don’t have headcount on the ground, or the employees are outside of your current support window
  • You’re deploying critical infrastructure that you don’t have the bandwidth to support
  • Your team are great desktop engineers, but they don’t have the complex skill-set needed for network support or management
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