Nothing great comes from comfort zones.

From our humble founding as a website services specialist, we now support global customers and are a fundamental technology partner to every customer we engage with. We’ve grown significantly during this time and have supported and completed projects in over 30 countries worldwide.

As we begin to emerge into a post-pandemic world, we’ve taken the opportunity to “reinvent” our brand identity and embark on the next phase of our journey.

Our values push us to constantly innovate, think of fresh ideas and solve tough problems, working with customers across the world to deliver technology solutions that have an impact.

10years in business

Techary redefines the way you procure, implement and support your technology.

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We’ve changed our names and identity. Things look different (it’s amazing what a change of corporate colour can do) but fundamentally, nothing other than our name and corporate branding have changed.

  • Our legal entities have been updated, as below:
    • Stephens IT Solutions Limited becomes Techary Limited
    • Stephens IT Solutions Inc. becomes Techary Inc.
    • Firefly Resources Limited becomes Techary Resources Limited
    • Stephens IT Holdings Limited becomes Techary Holdings Limited

Other than this, there’s no changes to our operations, people, the management or ownership structure.

All our key contact information remains the same and we’ll ensure everything is redirected.

You’ll see our e-mail will change from 1st July, to [email protected] ([email protected]) – but all mails to or will be redirected in the interim.

Across regions, our telephone numbers remain the same, with the exception of Firefly Resources Ltd who can now be contacted through the main Techary EMEA number.

EMEA +44 (0)344 357 0900
US +1(877) 344-2272

As we emerge from the COVID pandemic and started to look at the “new normal” we saw how organizations will demand increasingly more from their technology partners. At the start of 2021, we didn’t feel our brand reflected the size and scale of our current operations, so embarked on a full rebrand project. Techary encompasses our values to adopt a “best of thinkers” approach to how we help our customers.

IT & Technology in the modern enterprise is constantly evolving, we believe it can be ‘done differently’. We are excited to implement our experience from the last 10 years & create forward-thinking, innovative solutions across our customer base.

You’ll see a few key changes:

  • Our e-mail addresses will change from 1st July 2021
  • You’ll notice that all your interaction points will migrate to Techary
    • our ticketing systems will update automatically
    • our customer portal will be updated to reflect the new brand
    • invoicing and details will change to Techary from 1st July 2021 (we’ll e-mail accounting teams on that separately to ensure the transition is smooth)
  • You’ll notice our documentation, vehicles, and social channels will update to Techary

Your account manager will reach out to confirm any specific details or changes arising from the re-branding, but most customers will see no direct impacts in their interactions with us.

Most importantly, our people and everything we do remains the same. We have some great ideas that we cannot wait to build and share with you in the future which we believe will only improve the service you receive from us.

Some customers may require updates to legal documentation or contracts to reflect the name change. As part of our post-rebrand process, upon contract renewals, revised contracts will be issued with Techary branding.

All contracts remain valid, given that the only change is to the entity names which sign into contracts and not the actual trading entity.

For any questions or queries, please get in touch on [email protected]