Case Study

Creating a Flexible Working Environment for NJC Through the Pandemic


Working alongside NJC’s third party application vendor, we designed a new public cloud environment for the London based cleaning company, moving them away from a legacy system and enabling a more agile and scalable workforce.

NJC specialises in providing quality cleaning and support services to customers who demand the highest standards, including property management organisations and Blue Chip companies.

NJC works extensively to create an environment where their customers and employees can excel, through their service, people and technology.



Our solution

NJC were running legacy infrastructure on-premises from a single location which was approaching end-of-life. The organization took the strategic move to implement a solution that would allow them to adapt, scale and become more agile as an organization in line with their long-term technology goals.
Taking all factors into consideration, we proposed that NJC adopt a public cloud solution, not just for the purpose of this project but also to enable scalability and agility long-term. As NJC is a Microsoft house, we decided that naturally, an Azure solution would align with the organization's wider technology stack.
The company uses a business wide internal application provided and developed by a third party, which was hosted within the legacy infrastructure. Techary needed to consider how we would successfully move this critical application and associated workload to a new cloud environment, taking into consideration potential downtime for the business critical application and alignment with the third party vendor.
Drawing on our experience with system migration projects, we devised a bespoke project plan that incorporated our key concept of a “working group”, consisting of project members from Techary as well as key stakeholders from the NJC team. This enabled targeted communication, allowing for quick identification and resolution of issues as well as complete transparency over the progress of the project.

The project comprised of three key stages:

Stage 1 – Plan, design and implement the new cloud environment

Stage 2 – Testing and user adoption of the critical application within the new environment

Stage 3 – Phased deployment incorporating device rebuilds to minimise business impact and risk
The project had begun prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning the shift to remote working created a logistical problem which needed to be overcome.
Being able to work closely with the third party application vendor was critical to success. Our technical teams assumed responsibility over the infrastructure and network design while the third party teams focused on the specific requirements and bespoke functionality of the application, ensuring all aspects of the system design were considered. The synergy between teams enabled us to deliver a seamless project, which was key to its success.


“The migration was a great success, and considering this was done remotely, communication and problem solving was very efficient. I am pleased with the outcome. It is a pleasure to work with Techary, as they have an outstanding level of customer service.”

– Finance Director, NJC

Public Cloud Solution
NJC now utilities an Azure cloud solution, enabling agility and scalability long-term.
Network Design
Techary took ownership of both the infrastructure and network design for the new system.
Managed IT
Techary now supports NJC's users on a day-to-day basis.

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