Case Study

Relocating Users in Stockholm for Red Hat


To move 40 users in Stockholm from two different areas into the new refurbished area ready for employees to come and work the following week.

Red Hat Software is the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, helping companies solve business challenges and align their IT and business strategies to prepare for the future of technology. They provide enterprise-grade solutions through affordable subscriptions.


Our solution

Red Hat needed 40 users relocated from two different areas into the company’s newly refurbished area – freeing up space for the other two areas to be refurbished.
Techary decommissioned all IT equipment from the two areas before cleaning, wrapping and packing all of the equipment into crates. We then recommissioned the same IT equipment in the newly refurbished area, patching all phones into the network in the new hot desk set-up. We provided a cable management service for network and power cables, ensuring neat yet non-restricting cable solutions for the electric adjustable desks used by the client. Once the move was complete, our head engineer accompanied the client on a final walk around to inspect the work and ensure that the move was completed to a satisfactory standard.

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