Case Study

Strengthening Security and Maximising Collaboration for Dinstock


Implementation of Cisco Meraki and Windows 10 solutions to improve security and Sharepoint solution for efficient file sharing.

Dinstock is an established and expert industrial tool distribution company, who also have expertise in specialist manufacturing of fasteners & fixings. With two sites in the West Midlands, Dinstock are located for efficient distribution to worldwide locations.


Our solution

After successfully completing Dinstock’s Office 365 migration and being onboarded as a supplier, we noticed that their infrastructure was in need of some refreshing and security upgrades. Every PC was running a Windows 7 or XP operating system and the firewall solution was outdated. They also utilised an old Windows 7 file server which they wanted to remove from their infrastructure but used for network drives and file sharing.
We devised a project plan to replace the firewalls with Cisco Meraki devices to ensure higher levels of security and more control. The PCs were replaced with new, high spec Windows 10 machines to improve business practices and user efficiency, in time for the end of Windows 7 support. All kit was first preconfigured and built in the Techary warehouse with Avast installed as the chosen Anti-Virus solution. To enable a move away from the file server, we devised a Sharepoint migration, creating a hosted space for file sharing and to increase user collaboration & document sharing. A large amount of data was migrated, all permissions set as per customer request and each PC synced correctly to the applicable account. All work was completed out of hours to minimise any disruption which may have impacted on the customer’s working day practices.


Dinstock now reap the benefits of a collaborative businesses environment with access to all Microsoft 365 apps including Sharepoint and Microsoft Teams. The business environment is now more robust as a result of Meraki firewall solutions which replaced the outdated firewall, as well as the upgrade from Windows 7 machines to Windows 10, which comes with built in security amongst other features.
Full upgrade to Windows 10 machines using our financing option.
Microsoft 365
Sharepoint cloud file solution to enable a move away from the outdated file server to support use of Windows 10 instead of outdated Windows 7.

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