Microsoft 365 Support Services

Microsoft 365 Support Services

Techary’s ‘Microsoft 365 Support’ offering is aimed at providing customers with licensing and support for their Microsoft 365 tenant.

Licensing Only
Baseline Support
Full Support

Licensing directly to your Microsoft tenant.

Support via Microsoft knowledge base articles (customer self-service) – only incidents that are service failures will be escalated to Microsoft.

Note: Customers are required to maintain their own environment.

Techary engineering support with Microsoft 365 environment, including configuration changes, maintenance tasks, managing users (addition, access, revocation). Inclusive of standard changes within Exchange, SharePoint (access requests), Azure AD, User Changes (change requests to user profile information), Shared Mailboxes, 365 Groups.

Unlimited access / requests to Techary service desk for BAU requests

Note: Optional 8am-6pm (Local Time) Monday – Friday coverage or 24/7 options available

Note: Optional 8am-6pm (Local Time) Monday – Friday coverage or 24/7 options available

Support inclusive of integrations with third-party applications, Techary engineering teams will liaise with third-parties to connect to the Microsoft 365 environment, on behalf of the customer.

Prioritised escalation of critical incidents

Active Directory / AD Connect Integration supported by Techary team

Monthly solution overview & environment report available

Exclaimer, or other third-party 365 signature tooling supported (exclusive of any graphic design work, customer supplied graphics) – integration and attribute sync supported by Techary team

Assistance with wider projects, classed as non-BAU changes, such as SharePoint configurations, system migrations, intranet design and implementation.

Access to Microsoft certified professionals, costed separately per engagement

Access to Microsoft certified professionals, costed separately per engagement

Access to Microsoft certified professionals, costed separately per engagement

Additional Service Information:

    • Customers with Microsoft 365 only support, end-user Desktop Applications (such as Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint) are not supported as-standard, customers require our end-user support service to resolve issues within individual user devices. As standard, Techary will confirm any issue is functional from the web-applications for Microsoft 365 if the customer opts for this support. Techary are unable to support end-user specific application issues without management of the end-user desktop environment.


    • If an external security tooling is used, such as Barracuda, Mimecast, security operations centre support is required to administer this environment. Customers should consider support for these environments, given mail-routing maybe setup to route mail via these providers, and should support be required on these environments, the relevant support service will be required.


    • All services are charged based on active licenses assigned to the environment. Customers require support for each user-based licensed deployed to the environment. If users consumed multiple M365 licenses per user account, only one support license is required per user.

Service Level Agreements:

    • Unless the customer has an EA, or MPSA agreement that includes Microsoft support escalation, cases referred to Microsoft are handled and are subject to Microsoft SLAs.
    • Techary cannot commit to SLAs that may require a resolution to be performed by Microsoft. Techary’s SLA’s relate to incidents or requests submitted by the customer, that can be resolved by Techary teams as part of the support service detailed above.



Priority Response Time Resolution Time (subject to any MS outage)
1 – Critical

The entire M365 environment is not operational for all or the majority of users within the business. Services are affected org wide (such as Exchange, SharePoint)

1 Hour 4 Hours
2 – High

Denotes system is impaired and adversely affected but operational; large proportion of users affected. Such as intermittent issues with Exchange, single service within 365 is not operating as expected.

2 Hours 8 Hours
3 – Medium

Denotes system is operating but a small proportion of users (less than 20%) are unable to access non-critical systems.

4 Hours 1 Working Day
4 – Low

Denotes system is operating but with very minor or intermittent functionality loss to a single user.

Change requests also qualify for Low SLA – such as additional users required, access to mailboxes, implementation of any additional workflows or processing starter / leaver requests.

8 Hours 2 Working Days