A Day in the Life: Jonathan Bridge — EMEA Technical Operations Lead

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A Day in the Life: Jonathan Bridge — EMEA Technical Operations Lead

Jonathan is based in the UK and leads one of our Technical Operations teams that deliver managed IT services across our EMEA customer base. In the role, Jonathan manages a team of our Tech Ops engineers, as well as interacting with our client teams to ensure we’re constantly planning and executing on the IT strategy developed for our customers. In this post, Jonathan walks us through a typical day (if there is one) at Techary.

Arrival 08:00–08:30 — Start the day right with a coffee and shift through any outstanding emails from the prior evening that need flagging, filing or actioning.

09:00–10:00 — Grab some breakfast, assess calendar and plan for any meetings in the day ahead, check in with support team to see if any outstanding issues that require assistance and ensure morning checks are done.

10.00–11.00 — Internal meeting on upcoming project with VP of Technical Operations and Account Manager of the customer. Discuss plan and assign roles and responsibilities along with actions before the next meeting.

11.00–12.00 — Work on actions from ongoing projects which require my input to move into the next phase.

12.00–13.00 — Lunch break, a usual day trip to the local supermarkets/restaurants with some work colleagues to refuel and take a break.

13.00–14.00 — Quiet time to review outstanding support tickets and follow up with the team to discuss closure actions.

14.00–15.00 — Jump on weekly call with one of our partners where we have engineers deployed as part of their team meeting to ensure constant visibility and transparency

*If finishes early maybe a break and raid the kitchen for snacks*

15.00–17.00 — If no more meetings to attend continue with project work, respond to emails, assist account managers with queries and continue with ticket reviews and any escalations from the support team.

*Ensure heavily caffeinated for upcoming trip to the gym*

17.00–17.30 — Check in with support before heading out to see if they need anything, check calendar for day ahead to see if I need to be in HQ (Orpington) or London office and ensure I am in early enough for any morning meetings.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Techary?

I enjoy the trust and freedom put in me from my manager and leadership team to plan my day and get the job done. I enjoy the people I work alongside; everyone is always willing to help each other to ensure works are completed to the highest possible standard and customers are receiving our added value as a partner.

Why Techary?

I have worked in other organisations where you are merely just a number, Techary is the complete opposite end of the scale to this. If you are willing to put in hard work and have a good work ethic, Techary is a very rewarding place where you feel valued.

And again, the people are great, and make it easy to enjoy your job!

What advice would you give to anyone considering a career at Techary?

Do it! grab the bull by the horns and you won’t regret it. If you’re someone who has a good work ethic and likes being part of a team you will love it.

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